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How to Frost Glass

Would you like to learn how to create frosted glass in your own home? Of course, it is not substitute for the privacy glass that we can offer you. Our privacy glass is high quality and professionally fitted. Maybe you want to see how your home would look with privacy glass, or just want to add some decoration.

We will talk you through how to frost your glass with store bought frosting spray. Maybe you want to frost glass in an art project. Maybe you have a dark hallway and you want to allow light to come through the door, but still keep the room private. If you have kitchen cabinets, frosted glass can look really nice, and you don’t have to worry about keeping the cupboard too tidy!

Recycled doors

A frosted glass window

Today we’re going to talk you through a project where a door was reclaimed and upcycled. You can find unused door everywhere. Maybe your neighbour has one kicking around. If there is renovation work going on near your house you might be able to find door that has been removed. You can even pick them up in local junk yards.

Depending on the size of the door that you find, you may need to use your carpentry skills to trim it down.

Preparing to frost

The first thing that you are going to need to do is to remove the glass out of the door frame so that you can frost it. You need to consider which side of the glass you are going to spray. If you catch the frosting spray with your fingernail, or with something a little bit sharp, you are going to scratch it.

Think about which side of the door is going to be seen the most. For example, a bathroom door is likely to stay closed most of the time so you would spray the side that faces into the room. On the other hand, may be you want to put the frosted glass on a bedroom door, you will probably want to frost the side of the glass that faces out into the hallway.

Getting started

Once you have the glass removed and you have chosen which side of the glass that you want to spray, you need to clean the glass. Use a normal glass cleaner that you can buy from the shops. Make sure that you clean it really well, and on both sides. If it is not perfectly clean then the frosting spray is going to pick up on every imperfection.

If you are spraying old glass you might have things stuck to it, like old paint or varnish, especially if it is glass that is from a door. To remove things like this, you will need to use something to scrape the window, such as a razor blade.


When you start spraying, you will need to begin from the bottom. Use a good quality paint tape to mark off any areas that you don’t want to spray. For example, if you are only wanting to spray the bottom of the glass, then tape where you want it to finish.

Shake the can of the spray on frosting really well. This should help the stuff spray on nice and evenly rather than splurting out and causing a mess. Remember that you can alway add more frosting on to the glass, but it will be really difficult to remove it all properly and start again. Go slowly.

A light coat

Textured frosted glass

When you move the spray can, move at a slow and steady pace. You want to give the glass a light coating. The effect will be better if you build up layers.

Hold the can around 15 centimetres away from your glass. The glass frosting spray can have a very strong smell. Make sure that you do your glass spraying project in a well ventilated area. It might also be a good idea that you wear a mask as you are doing this.

Full effect

After you have sprayed the first coat on to the glass, it is likely that you might say, ‘but it’s done nothing!’ But don’t worry, it is normal. When you have waited for your first layer you dry you will be able to see the full effect of the coat you have applied.

To dry, you should leave the glass for around ten minutes. You are going to be able to build up the layers of the frosting, but make sure you wait so you know what you are dealing with.

After the frosting spray has dried on the glass, you can apply another coat of the spray. Follow the same process, make sure that your tape is holding in place, give the can a really good shake, and spray slow and steady across the glass surface.


As we have said, make sure that you are using a well ventilated space for your frosting project. If the weather is good, it would be best to do this work outside. A good mask is going to help stop you from getting a headache from any fumes that you might inhale from the spray too.

Be careful of your clothes. You might want to wear gloves in case you get any on your hands. An apron to protect your clothes, or even just some old clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty would be ok too.

Light and privacy


As well as having the option of using a frosting spray to get a frosted, privacy coating on to your piece of glass, you can get frosted film. Although the film may be a lot more hard wearing, applying it is a lot more difficult. Spray on frosted glass can easily get scratched or damaged, but it is easy to fix.

When you apply frosting film you need to have perfectly clean glass before you can start the process of applying to film. It also takes a lot of patience to make the film adhere without it getting creases or air bubbles.

Of course, if you want a hassle-free, high quality option for frosted glass, you can get the real thing. It won’t scratch, because the frosting is actually a part of the glass. There is not hard work for you to put in, we will come to you and fit it. You can contact us with your requirements and we will match your expectations.

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