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When is a Good Time to Reglaze?

Sometimes it can be much cheaper to reglaze your windows rather than getting a whole new unit. By only replacing the actual glass that is in the frame, rather than the whole frame itself, you could save time, money, and mess in your home.

There are a few reasons that you might want to change the glass in your home

broken window

You will want to replace broken windows

  • Cracked or broken glass
  • Tired or dirty putty around the glass
  • Change the look of the glass

Reglazing can be simple and since there are less materials involved, and it will take less time to complete, it will usually cost less money to complete. There are times when reglazing won’t work, we’ll cover this a bit further down.

Reglazing single glazed windows

If you live in an older house you might only have single glazed windows, meaning there is only one single pane of glass in your frames. Although it is advisable to have double glazing, due to financial constraints or issues with planning permission for certain buildings and conservation areas, it simply isn’t possible.

When considering reglazing, rather than a full frame replacement, there are some things you need to check about your existing frame. It is:

  • Moving well at the hinges or sash?
  • Still study and strong?
  • Airtight?
  • Watertight?

If the answer to all of these is ‘yes’, then you’re ready to have the windows reglazed. Although some people may attempt to reglaze their own windows, there is nothing like professional skills and service, you can contact us to arrange reglazing of your home.

To change the aesthetic of your glazing is a common reason to change it. Maybe you have stained glass that looks tired and dated and want to change it to clear glass. Or maybe you want to inject some colour or pattern into your room and add stained glass or leaded glass.

Reglazing double glazed windows

double glazing

A modern double glazing unit

It’s much more common for homes in the UK to have double glazed windows. In fact, it has been part of building regulations since 2002 for new houses to have double glazing. It’s less common to want to reglaze double glazed units.

If you feel that changing the glass on your double glazed units, think about the following questions so that you understand your needs:

  • Are they in good working order?
  • Can you see any cracks in the uPVC?
  • Are both panes of glass in need of replacement?

Changing the glass due to a broken or cracked pane is the most common reason to reglaze a double glazed unit. The work involved is a bit more complicated than changing a single glazed pane of glass, so get in touch to bring the professionals in.

When not to reglaze

Single glazed units

Although the pricing is attractive when reglazing single glazed units, a lot of the time it many not actually match your requirements. For example, if you have rotten wood in your frames, changing the glass won’t have any effect.

You may think that new glass in your windows will improve their energy efficiency. However, it’s probably not going to change much and there is still the issue of the material that the frame is made out of not being especially energy efficient. When considering the energy efficiency of your home, double glazing is definitely going to make the biggest difference.

Double glazed units


Reglazing won’t fix a condensation problem

It’s not uncommon for older double glazing to have an issue with internal condensation. This would be when you can see a thin layer of water droplets between the two pieces of glass. It usually will gather in the corners and it’s something you should check all of your windows for periodically.

You may think that a simple change in glass is going to be a quick solution to the problem of condensation in double glazing. However, this is actually a sign of a bigger problem. New glass in the existing frames is not going to help.

To solve the problem of condensation in your double glazing you will actually need to get a whole new unit – a new frame with new glass. This is because the problem stems from a break in the seal of the frame that maintains the vacuum between the two panes. Because the seal is cracked, water can get in and therefore cause condensation.

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