Residential & Commercial Glazing Services

We provide a glazing service for both residential and commercial customers, which includes the installation or repair of standard windows and doors and the installation or repair of more specialised glassed areas, such as roof-glass, cupolas and skylights. comely bank glazing Edinburgh contractor vanIn both a residential and commercial setting, we can replace single and double glazed windows or carry out a range of repairs on various fixtures on the glazed unit.

These repairs extend to the replacement of handles, hinges, locking mechanisms and sash balances. Our team of skilled glaziers have access to a wide range of replacement parts, as well as glass and frame types, to ensure the successful completion of any job. During a visit to your property, a member of our team will assess your individual needs and recommend the best solution for your specific issue or request.

In emergency situations we will respond efficiently via our 24 hour call-out service, enabling the speedy assessment of window breakages on residential and commercial premises. Where an immediate solution is not available, our team will first board-up and secure the property, before ordering the correctly sized glass to complete the job effectively.


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Where double glazing is required, we will measure the affected area and the new glass will arrive, made-to-order, within 3-4 days. The one hour glazing service is available where the glass required for your job can be sourced from the supply carried by our team of specialist glaziers.

Our team regularly offer this same day service to customers requiring the replacement of glass in sash and casement windows, doors, cupolas and skylights. Our windows are available in a selection of frame types dependent on your specific preference. We supply frames in wood, UPVC and Aluminum, and our service enables your project to be completed in an agreed timescale to suit your requirements.

We offer the installation or replacement of safety glass in commercial properties, where it is important to meet strict building regulations such as health and safety. The following types of safety glass are available to order:

  • Curved glass
  • Toughened glass
  • Commercial glass
  • Fire rated safety glass


What Is Toughened glass?

Toughened glass, also known as tempered glass, is a popular type of safety glass designed for reinforced strength and safety. Unlike normal glass, toughened glass goes through a controlled thermal process which causes an increase in strength and alters the surface and size of glass splinters, should a breakage occur. This means that instead of sharp jagged edges, the pieces of glass are smaller and smoother and less likely to cause injury. This type of glass is popular for any type of window or door fitted in a commercial area where reinforced glass is required and safety is critical.

Available Glass Selections

Our complete glass selection is wide ranging and has many different functions and styles. Below is a selection of the glass types we have available to order:

  • 4mm – 12mm float glass
  • Laminated glass (available in: 6.4mm – 8.8mm – 10.8mm)
  • Acoustic laminate glass
  • Specialist laminate glass
  • Georgian wire glass
  • Georgian polished
  • Pilkington Textured glass
  • Horticultural glass (for green houses)
  • Tinted glass
  • Patterned glasses (sourced from Pilkington, the textured glass specialist)
  • Mirrors (4mm and 6mm)
  • Safety backed mirrors (wardrobe doors)
  • Frameless glass doors (shop entrances)
  • Custom made shower doors

All of our glass and window products are sourced from quality manufacturers such as Independent Glass and Velfac.

An additional service for residential customers is the installation of cat flaps. Further information about this service is available on request. Feel free to contact us to arrange a no obligation quotation or if you would like any further information on the products and services that we offer. A member of our team would be happy to help.

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