Secondary Glazing

secondary-glazing-midlothian-edinburghAt Comely Bank Glazing we offer the professional installation of secondary glazing with our range of products offering added insulation for your property and effective draught prevention. The process of installing secondary glazing involves inserting a new and separate glazed frame behind the existing one. The new glazed frame can be open or fixed, and is positioned internally, facing the room.

Main Features

A key feature of this type of glazing is the level of protection against external noise. Comely Bank Glazing assures customers that they will experience a significant reduction in noise pollution where properties are in close proximity to noise from cars, trains or planes. Our standard glazed frames will reduce outside noise by 75%, which can be further minimised by selecting acoustic or laminated glazing. We also recommend this level of sound proofing for the creation of internal glass partitions, or in areas where containing sound is important, such as music studios or venues.

The economic benefits of secondary glazing include energy and cost savings, reducing heat loss in a property by up to 50%, as compared to a 20% reduction where single glazing is installed. The benefit of choosing professionally installed secondary glazing with us, is that even if the existing window is prone to draughts, our inter-locking aluminium frames and enhanced seals will prevent draughts affecting the inside of the building.

Choosing The Right Secondary Glazing

seconardy-glazing-edinburghWe offer three types of secondary glazing to customers; horizontal or sliding, hinged casement and lift-out, or fixed. Glazed frames are available in RAL colour finish or white and are installed with a quality guarantee. Our solutions offer a cost effective alternative to replacing external windows and are ideal for single, multi-storey or more traditional builds.

Secondary glazing will not alter the look of your building internally or externally, which means that installation can be done in phases, benefiting individuals or companies with budget and time frame constraints. All projects can be designed and planned in advance ensuring a smooth process from start to finish. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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