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5 Reasons to Double Glaze Your Home

Double glazing is very common in UK homes now. Due to building regulations, most new homes since 2002 will have already been fitted with double glazing. If your home isn’t yet double glazed, there are myriad benefits to changing over.

Already thinking of renovating or extending your home? When you’re already looking to do work to your property you should investigate changing the windows to be double glazed at the same time. Even if there are no other pressing improvements you want to make to your home; the disruption is minimal, as long as you are changing ‘like for like’ when it comes to sizes.

Here, we’ll go through some of the great benefits of having double glazed windows fitted at your home. Once you have seen how beneficial the decision is, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.

1. Reduce heat loss

By its very design, double glazing is going to be able to help keep the warmth in your home. As temperatures get colder, it’s a habit to crank up the central heating to keep things cosy. There are lots of ways to make sure that the heat that is being generated by your boiler doesn’t escape.

Warm Light on a Cold Night
Houses are warm and cosy with double glazing

Glass, by itself, isn’t a great insulator. It leaks heat out really easily. But, when you put two panes of glass together, with a little gap of air between, it becomes very efficient at stopping heat from leaking.

The key here is the vacuum that is created between the two pieces of glass. When that air gap exists the heat that is being made in your house cannot get out very easily. If the heat can stay in your home for longer, you might not need to have your heating on for as long, or at as high as temperature as normal.

2. Your home will look nicer

If your house doesn’t have double glazing already, it’s most likely because it is more than 17 years old (since building regulations made it mandatory for most homes from 2002 onwards). This means, your windows and frames are probably quite old. No matter how well you can maintain the exterior and interior frames, there will be a time when they start to look worn and tired.

You can get uPVC frames, aluminium, or wooden ones, and can choose from a range of colours and finishes. Although you might think that the standard is white, plastic frames, this is no longer the case. There is also stained glass and panes that have the look of being leaded, if you want to maintain your current aesthetic.

old and new windows
Old building and new windows still look great

3. Less noise pollution

In the same way that heat is less likely to get out of your house due to the vacuum between the glass, the same goes for noise getting in. The sound waves from the local school, main road, or emergency services vehicles, cannot travel through the gap between the panes where there is not air. Because of this, you are easily able to reduce the amount of external noise coming into your house and disturbing you.

4. Reduction in UV radiation

That vacuum gap between the two panes of glass used in double glazing has great benefits. Along with the others mentioned, damaging UV rays from the sun have a harder time passing through. This means that things in your home are less likely to fade.

If a part of your sofa or carpet is in the sun all day, you might notice that part has faded faster than the parts that are never in direct sunlight. The fading is caused by UV rays from the sun and they are greatly reduced when you get double glazing installed.

5. Increased property value

Double glazing makes your home more valuable

You may not be considering selling your home just yet, but it’s always worth keeping an eye on the value of it. Since double glazing is nearly standard in the UK, most home buyers are expecting it to be already fitted. By having single glazed, old windows and frame you are potentially losing a couple of thousand pounds as the buyers calculate into their offer how much it will cost to get them replaced as soon as they move it.

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