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What Kind of Areas Are Best Suited to Double Glazing?

windowIt’s generally a well-known fact that double glazing is a great idea to have fitted in your home. Windows with two panes of glass, separated by a gap of a couple of centimetres, are so commonplace that most houses in the UK are now fitted with the system.

Here, we’re going to go through what all of the great reasons are to have double glazing fitting into your windows, and point out the environments that would get the most benefit from double glazing. Read on for more details about the places that can benefit most from having double glazing.

Why Double Glazing is Great

The gap that is present between the two different panes of glass in your double glazing unit is a wonder. It may not seem like anything special, but it means that your windows will be

  • Better at keeping your house warm in the winter
  • More efficient at keeping your home cool in summer
  • Safer if there was an attempt to break in
  • Easier to maintain

That’s a lot of positives to having double glazed units, and there are very few downsides. There is, indeed, costs associated with having double glazing fitted, but having to maintain wooden, single glazed windows can definitely be a costly business too, Making the change may save you money in the long-run

Make A Home Warmer

Living in the UK, we all know how cold it can get and how expensive it can be to heat a home over the winter months. By having double glazed windows, you can reduce your monthly spending on fuel for heating.

cold window

Keep the cold out

They keep your house warmer because it is harder for the heat being produced to escape. A window with just one pane of glass isn’t going to put up much resistance when heat is trying to escape. The two panes have a vacuum between them, meaning it’s nearly impossible to heat to travel through that space.

If heat isn’t able to travel through the space between the two pieces of glass, then it is going to stay in your home. This means that your central heating doesn’t have to work anywhere near as hard in winter months.

Because of this great feature of double glazing, it’s really well suited to cold areas. If you live in an exposed place, such as on a hill or near the coast, you’ll be familiar with how chilly the winter months can get. By adding double glazing to your property, you are able to protect your home from the area around you.

Keep Your Home Cool

It seems that summers in the UK are getting warmer and warmer as the years go by. It’s no surprise that more and more people are searching for ways to keep their home warm in the winter but still cool in the summer months.

For the exact same reason the warmth doesn’t escape from your house in the winter, the heat struggles to get in during the summer. The gap between the two panes of glass in your double glazed unit means that the heat that hits it cannot penetrate so cannot warm up the house.

sun window

Sunshine but not too hot

This can be especially useful for homes that get a lot of sunlight. The south facing side of your home will stay cool and comfortable to live in when you have your windows double glazed. Similarly, homes that aren’t in shadows due to trees or other buildings can get warmer, quicker. Houses in such areas are ideal candidates for double glazing.

Staying Safe

The glass that is used in double glazing tends to be tougher than glass used in single paned units. If someone were to try and break the glass in one of your double glazing units they would find it more difficult. The fact that there are two panes of glass makes it even tougher again to be break them.

The frames for double glazing also tend to be more durable. Most single glazing is likely to be in wooden or aluminium frames. The plastic used in double glazing frames makes them much sturdier and less likely to be broken.

If you’re in area that has experienced an increase in crimes such as theft and robbery, double glazing can help. Things will be more difficult for a thief, they will think twice before trying to break into your home at all, and you will even feel more secure, knowing that you’ve done your best to make your home safe.

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